3rd annual

October 5-10, 7-10 or 8-10, 2016
Columbus Day weekend
Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, VA

Premier Section: 9 rounds, Oct 5-10, GM & IM norms possible
U2100, U1700, U1300 Sections:
7 rounds, Oct 7-10 or 8-10, choice of 4-day or 3-day schedule


Oct 5-10, 7-10 OR 8-10, VIRGINIA

3rd annual Washington Chess Congress

Premier Section: 9 rounds, Oct 5-10, 40/2, SD/30 d10. FIDE rated, GM & IM norms possible. FIDE now requires one GM norm in an event of 6 or more days to obtain the GM title.
Other Sections:
7 rounds, Oct 7-10 or 8-10, 40/2, SD/30, d10 (3-day option, rounds 1-2 G/75, d10).

Hyatt Regency Crystal City, 2799 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington VA 22202. Free shuttle to/from Reagan International Airport and Crystal City Metro station (contact hotel for schedule).

        IN 4 SECTIONS:

       Premier: Open to 1900/over USCF or FIDE and all foreign FIDE rated players. $4000-2000-1000-600-400, clear or tiebreak first bonus $100, top FIDE Under 2300/Unr $1400-700.
       Minimum prize $800 to first 5 foreign GMs to enter online by 9/1 who play all 9 games with no byes.
Minimum prize $400 to first 5 foreign IMs to enter online by 9/1 who play all 9 games with no byes.
       Minimum prize $300 to US GMs, and to foreign GMs who enter after the first 5.

       Under 2100:
$2000-1000-500-300-200, top Under 1900 (no unr) $1200-600.
       Under 1700:
$1700-900-500-300-200, top Under 1500 (no unr) $800-400.
       Under 1300:
$1000-500-300-200-100, top Under 1100 (no unr) $400-200.
      Prize limits:
Unrated (0-3 lifetime games rated) cannot win over $200 in U1300, $400 in U1700, or $700 in U2100.

       Mixed doubles bonus prizes:
best male/female 2-player "team" combined score among all sections: $1000-500. (Note that these prizes were incorrectly listed as $1000-600-400 in some publicity). Only first 7 rounds of Premier counted. Team average must be under 2200; teammates may play in different sections; teams must register (no extra fee) before both players begin round 2; teams including an unrated cannot win over $300.

Top 3 sections entry fee:
$145 online at chessaction.com by 10/4, $155 phoned to 406-896-2038 by 10/3, 6-day $156, 4-day $154, 3-day $153 if check mailed by 9/26, all $160 at site until 1 hour before round 1, or online at chessaction.com until 2 hours before round 1.  Premier Section GMs, IMs, WGMs, foreign FMs: free; $140 deducted from prize, no deduction from minimum prize. Premier Section FIDE rated foreign players: all entry fees $100 less than top 3 sections entry fee.  

Under 1300 Section entry fee: all entry fees $60 less than top 3 sections entry fee.

Special 1 year USCF dues with paper magazine if paid with entry: Online at chessaction.com, Adult $35, Young Adult $22, Scholastic $15. Mailed, phoned or paid at site, Adult $40, Young Adult $25, Scholastic $17.

No checks
at site, credit cards OK.
$80, no re-entry from Premier Section to Premier Section.

     6-day schedule
(Premier only): Reg. ends Wed 6 pm, rds Wed 7 pm, Thu 12 noon & 7 pm, Fri 7 pm, Sat 11 am & 6 pm, Sun 10 am & 5 pm, Mon 10 am.  ONLY 1 ROUND MONDAY IN PREMIER SECTION.
     4-day schedule
(U2100, U1700, U1300): Reg. ends Fri 6 pm, rds Fri 7 pm. Sat 11 & 6, Sun 10 & 5, Mon 10 & 4.
     3-day schedule
(U2100, U1700, U1300): Reg. ends Sat 10 am, rds Sat 11, 2:30 & 6, Sun 10 & 5, Mon 10 & 4.
     Half point byes:
OK all; limit 3 (limit 2 in last 4 rds), must commit before rd 3.

Ratings:  October FIDE ratings used in Premier, October official USCF ratings in others.  Unofficial uschess.org ratings usually used if otherwise unrated. 

Foreign player rating info       Prizewinner tax info      CCA electronic devices policies

Hotel rates: $101-101-111, 703-418-1234, reserve by 9/21 (correction, not 9/22) or rate may increase.


Room or travel sharing:
Post your sharing request at the USCF All Things Chess Forum.
If you have trouble posting, email your request to Continental Chess and we will post for you.

Special chess rate valet parking
$8/day, with or without guest room.
Car rentals:
Avis, 800-331-1600, use AWD #D657633 or reserve car online at chesstour.com.

Continental Chess, Box 8482, Pelham NY 10803. Questions: DirectorAtChess.US, 347-201-2269, www.chesstour.com. $15 service charge for refunds. Advance entries posted at chessaction.com (online entries posted instantly).



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