US Chess Junior Grand Prix!
23nd annual Pacific Coast Open
July 20-22 or 21-22, 2018 - Van Nuys, California (Los Angeles)


6SS, 40/100, SD/30 d10 (2-day option, rds 1-3 G/45 d10), Airtel Plaza Hotel, 7277 Valjean Ave, Van Nuys CA 91406. Parking $8/day, $12 including overnight. Flyaway bus from LAX to Van Nuys about $10 each way; free shuttle to bus and train station. Free wireless, indoor pool, gym, hot tubs; restaurants within walking distance. 

In 6 sections. 3-day & 2-day schedules merge after round 3 and compete for same prizes. 

Major Section: 
Open to 1800/over. $3000-1500-1000-500, clear or tiebreak win $100 bonus, top U2300 $1200-600. FIDE rated,150 Grand Prix Points (enhanced). 

Under 2100 Section:
Under 1900 Section:
Under 1700 Section:
Under 1500 Section:
Under 1250 Section: $800-400-200-100, plaques to first 3, top U1000, U800, Unrated.  

Mixed doubles bonus prizes: best male/female 2-player “team” combined score among all sections: $1000-500-300-200. Team must average under 2200; may play in different sections; register (no extra fee) by 2 pm 7/21. 

Unrated prize limits:
 U1900 $600, U1700 $450, U1500 $300, U1250 $150; balance goes to next player(s) in line. 

Top 5 sections entry fee:
 $138 online at by 7/18, 3-day $143, 2-day $142 mailed by 7/11, $160 (no checks, credit cards OK) at site, or online until 2 hours before round 1.  GMs, IMs & WGMs free; $130 deducted from prize.  

Under 1250 Section entry fee:
 All $50 less than top 5 sections entry fees. 

Online EF $5 less
to Southern CA Chess Federation members; join/renew at
 $70; not available to go from Major S
ection to Major Section.  

Special 1 year USCF dues 
with magazine if paid with entry. Online at, Adult $35, Young Adult $22, Scholastic $15. Mailed, phoned or paid at site, Adult $40, Young Adult $25, Scholastic $17. 
 USCF membership required.

CCA electronic devices policies       Prizewinner tax info       Foreign player rating info

For all tournaments, adjusted FIDE or foreign ratings, if higher than USCF, may be used. Players must disclose FIDE or foreign ratings when entering, or may later be expelled. Other over the board ratings such as club, league, scholastic, state or province, etc, adjusted if appropriate, may be used at our discretion if above USCF.  No rating below the latest official USCF rating, on the list corresponding to the ending date of the tournament, will be used. For 9 round events offering title norm possibilities, FIDE ratings are used. Click here for further details.

Ratings: July official USCF ratings used. Unofficial ratings usually used if otherwise unrated. Players must reveal foreign, FIDE and other over the board ratings, and these ratings, adjusted if necessary, may be used, if higher than USCF. See also above. 

3-day schedule: Reg. Fri to 11 am, rds Fri 12 & 6, Sat 12 & 6, Sun 10 & 3:15. 
2-day schedule:
 Reg Sat to 9 am, rds Sat 10,12:45, 3:15 & 6, Sun 10 & 3:15. 
All schedules:
 Half point byes OK all, limit 2, Open must commit before rd 2, other sections before rd 4. 

Hotel rates:
 $119-119, 818-997-7676, request chess rate, reserve by 7/6 or rate may increase.


Car rental: Avis, 800-331-1600, use AWD #D657633, or reserve car online through[

Bring set, board, clock if possible- none supplied!


Room or travel sharing: Post a request to share on the USCF "All Things Chess" Forum.
If you have trouble posting, email your post to Continental Chess and we will post it for you.

Entry: Continental Chess, Box 8482, Pelham NY 10803. $15 service charge for refunds.  Questions:, DirectorAtChess.US, 347-201-2269.  Entries posted at (online entries posted instantly).  

Bring set, board, clock if possible- none supplied.




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