2nd annual


January 14-17 or 15-17, 2011 (Martin Luther King weekend)
7 rounds, Concord Hilton Hotel, Concord, California

January 14-17 or 15-17, Northern California
       ChessLecture.com Grand Prix Points: 150 (enhanced)
Golden State Open. 7 round Swiss, 40/2, SD/1 (3-day option rds. 1-2 G/75).

NOTICE: For games with delay clocks, 5 seconds delay will be used as usual, but 5 minutes will NOT be subtracted from each side's first time control.  This deduction has been standard at all CCA tournaments and the change is an experiment, which may or may not be repeated at future events. 

At Concord Hilton Hotel, 1970 Diamond Blvd, Concord CA 94520 (I-680 Willow Pass Rd exit). Free shuttle between hotel and Concord BART station. Free parking.

Prizes $40,000 based on 320 paid entries (re-entries & U1300 Section count as half entries), minimum guarantee $30,000 (75% of each prize).

Open Section: Open to all. $3000-1500-1200-800-600-500-400, clear or tiebreak winner $200 bonus, top U2400/Unr $1800-1000. FIDE rated.

Under 2200 Section: $2400-1200-1000-700-500-400-300.

Under 2000 Section: $2400-1200-1000-700-500-400-300.

Under 1800 Section: $2400-1200-1000-700-500-400-300.

Under 1600 Section: $2000-1000-800-600-400-300-200, top Under 1400 $800-400.

Under 1300 Section: $800-500-400-300-200-100-100, top Under 1100 $400-200.

Unrated (0-3 lifetime games rated) may enter any section, with maximum prize U1300 $300, U1600 $500, U1800 $700,  U2000 $900. Balance of any limited prize goes to next player(s) in line.

Top 5 sections entry fee: 4-day $154, 3-day $153 mailed by 1/6, all $155 online at chesstour.com by 1/11, $160 phoned to 406-896-2038 by 1/11 (entry only, no questions), $180 at site. GMs free, $130 deducted from prize.  

Under 1300 Section entry fee: 4-day $74, 3-day $73 mailed by 1/6, $75 online at chesstour.com by 1/11 (entry only, no questions), $80 phoned to 406-896-2038 by 1/11, $100 at site.

All: Special 1 yr USCF dues with paper magazine if paid with entry. Online at chesstour.com, Adult $30, Young Adult $20, Scholastic $15. Mailed, phoned or paid at site, Adult $40, Young Adult $30, Scholastic $15. Re-entry (except Open) $60. Mailed EF $5 less to rated CalChess members.

4-day schedule: Reg. ends Fri 6:15 pm, rds. Fri 7 pm, Sat 11 am & 6 pm, Sun 11 am & 6 pm, Mon 10 am & 4:30 pm.

3-day schedule: Reg. Sat to 10:15 am, rds Sat 11 am, 2:30 pm & 6 pm, Sun 11 am & 6 pm, Mon 10 am & 4:30 pm.

Half point byes: OK all, limit 3; Open must commit before rd 2, others before rd 4.

Unofficial uschess.org ratings usually used if otherwise unrated. Foreign player rating info.  
JGP (Chess Magnet School Junior Grand Prix Points available).

Hotel rates: First announced as $99-99, but the chess rate was then lowered.  Players had a choice between these two rates:           
        $92-92, reserve by Dec 31, refundable with one day advance notice of cancellation.
        $84-84, advance payment required, no refund, no transfer to a different individual, no date change, unless notice was given by Dec 31, 2010.

LATE NEWS: The reservations link no longer works, however the $84 non-cancellable rate is still available at 925-827-2000!  1-800-HILTONS should also work.  Ask for the chess rate.  The reservation can't be cancelled, changed or transferred, but is a great deal at $84!       

Car rental: Avis, 800-331-1600,
use AWD #D657633 or reserve car online through chesstour.com.  

Questions: ChesstourAtAol.com (use "@" instead of "At,") 845-496-9658.
Mailed entry: Continental Chess, c/o Goichberg, Box 661776, Arcadia CA 91066. $15 service charge for withdrawals. Advance entries will be posted at chesstour.com on Jan 13, and possibly earlier.

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