Big money chess returns to the Big Apple! Note new Open Section time control.


Aug 17-21, 18-21, 19-21 or 20-21, 2011 at New Yorker Hotel

Open Section: 9 rounds, Aug 17-21, with GM and IM norms possible
        NOTE CHANGE: Open time control is now 40/90, SD/30 with 30 second increment, because FIDE norms are no longer possible using 5 second delay.
Other Sections: 6 rounds, Aug 18-21, 19-21 or 20-21 Grand Prix Points: 200 (enhanced)

At New Yorker Hotel, 481 Eighth Ave at 34th St. Across from Penn Station, New York 10001.
Open Section, Aug 17-21:
9SS, 40/90, SD/30, 30 second increment (NOTE CHANGE). GM & IM norms possible.
Other sections, Apr 18-21, 19-21 or 20-21:
6SS, 40/2, SD/1 (2-day option, rds. 1-3 G/50).
Open and U2300 Sections (except rounds 1-3 of U2300 2-day) are FIDE rated.

Prizes $100,000 based on 650 paid entries (unrated in U1200 or U1500, seniors, re-entries, GMs, WGMs, foreign IMs count as half entries), else proportional, minimum $70,000 (70% of each prize) guaranteed.

5 seconds delay used for digital clocks in U2300 or below, but no 5 minute time deduction.

In 7 sections:

Open: $10000-5000-2500-1500-1000-800-600-500-400-400, clear or tiebreak first $200 bonus, FIDE U2500/Unr $3000-1500.
Under 2300:
Under 2100:
Under 1900: $5000-2500-1500-1000-700-600-500-400-300-300.
Under 1700:
Under 1500: $4000-2000-1000-800-700-600-500-400-300-300, top Under 1300 $1000-500.
Under 1200: $3000-1500-1000-800-600-500-400-400-300-300, top Under 1000 $1000-500.

Prize limits:
1) Players with under 26 lifetime games rated as of 8/11 list may not win over $500 in U1000, $1500 in U1300, or $2500 in U1500. Games rated too late for 8/11 list not counted. 2) If more than 30 points over section maximum on any USCF rating supplement 8/10-7/11, prize limit $1500. 3) Unrated (0-3 lifetime games rated) cannot win over $300 in U1200, $600 U1500, $1000 U1700, $1500 U1900, or $2000 U2100. Unofficial ratings usually used if otherwise unrated. 4) Balance of limited prize goes to next player(s) in line.

Open Section entry fee: GMs, foreign IMs, foreign WGMs: free, $150 deducted from prize. US IMs, US WGMs, & foreign FIDE rated players: $125 mailed by 8/9, $127 online by 8/15, $130 phoned by 8/15, $150 at site; $100 deducted from prize. US FIDE 2200/plus: $225 mailed by 8/9, $227 online at by 8/15, $230 phoned to 406-896-2038 by 8/15, $250 at site. US players under 2200 FIDE or all players with no FIDE rating: $375 mailed by 8/9, $377 online by 8/15, $380 phoned by 8/15, $400 at site.

U2300 through U1200 Sections entry fee: 4-day $224, 3-day $223, 2-day $222 mailed by 8/9, all $227 online at by 8/15, all $230 phoned to 406-896-2038 by 8/15, all $250 after 8/15 until 2 hours before rd 1. No phone entry after 8/15.
EF $100 less to rated seniors over 65 in U2300 or below.
EF $100 less to unrated in Under 1200 or Under 1500.

Special 1 year USCF membership with paper magazine if paid with entry: Online at, Adult $30, Young Adult $20, Scholastic $15. Mailed, phoned or paid at site, Adult $40, Young Adult $30, Scholastic $20. No checks at site, credit cards OK. No mailed credit card entries. Re-entry: $100, no re-entry from Open Section to Open Section.

5-day schedule (Open only): Reg. ends Wed 6 pm, rds. Wed. 7 pm, Thu 12 & 7, Fri 11 & 6, Sat 11 & 6, Sun 10 & 4:30.
4-day schedule: Reg. ends Thu 6 pm, rds. Thu 7 pm, Fri 6 pm, Sat 11 & 6, Sun 10 & 4:30.
3-day schedule:
Reg. ends Fri 10 am, rds Fri 11 & 6, Sat 11 & 6, Sun 10 & 4:30.
2-day schedule: Reg. ends Sat. 9 am, rds Sat. 10, 12:45, 3:15 & 6, Sun 10 & 4:30.
4-day, 3-day, & 2-day
merge & compete for same prizes.
Byes: all; limit 3 (limit 2 in last 4 rds), Open must commit before rd 2, others before rd 4.

Bring sets, boards, clocks if possible- none supplied.

Hotel rates: $145-145-170, 1-800-764-4680, reserve by 7/27 or rate may increase, ask for Continental Chess Association rate. 



However, Continental Chess is holding a few rooms at the New Yorker, which are now available at approximately the chess rate plus tax. These rooms are available only directly from Continental Chess, not from the hotel, and must be fully prepaid (not refundable, but the rooms are transferrable). 

As of Aug 18, TWO SINGLE ROOMS and ONE ROOM WITH TWO BEDS are still available for Friday or Saturday night.  To enter the Manhattan Open and purchase a room at the New Yorker, go to online entry.

If you have previously entered the Manhattan Open and now wish to purchase a room, go to online entry and for section, choose "previously entered, purchasing room." Then fill out the rest of the entry, which will include a room purchase option.  

Room sharing: If you want to share a room to save money, post this on the new CCA FORUM.

Car rentals: Avis, 800-331-1600, use AWD #D657633 or reserve car online at

Foreign player ratings: For U2300 or below, usually 100 points added to FIDE, 100 to FQE, 200/more to most other foreign, no points added to CFC, PR or Jamaica. Some foreign ratings not accepted for U1900 or below. Highest of multiple ratings usually used. Players who fail to disclose foreign or FIDE ratings may be expelled.  FIDE ratings used in Open Section.

US player ratings: August list used; FIDE ratings used in Open Section.

Special rules: Players must submit to a search for electronic devices if requested by Director. In round 3 or after, players with scores of 80% or over and their opponents may not use headphones, earphones or cellphones or go to a different floor of the hotel without Director permission.

Entry: Continental Chess, Box 249, Salisbury Mills NY 12577. Questions: 845-496-9658, You may request "lowest possible section" if August rating unknown. $15 service charge for refunds. Advance entries will be posted at Chess Magnet School JGP.

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