12th annual

Open Section: January 22-26, 2014
Lower Sections: January 23-26 or 24-26, 2014

$80,000 projected prizes, $40,000 minimum guaranteed!

An American Classic

JAN 22-26, 23-26 OR 24-26, CONNECTICUT
12th annual Foxwoods Open

Open Section, Jan 22-26:  9SS, 40/2, SD/30, d10.  GM & IM norms possible, FIDE rated. 
Lower Sections,
Jan 23-26 or 24-26: 7SS, 40/2, SD/30, d10 (3-day option, rds. 1-4 G/50, d10).

At Foxwoods Resort Casino & Hotel, Rt 2, Mashantucket CT 06339 (I-95 to Exit 92 to Rt 2 west, or I-395 to Exit 85 to Rt 164 to Rt 2 east).  Free parking. 45 miles from T.F. Green Airport (Providence, RI), 14 miles from Groton/New London Airport; for shuttle from New London Amtrak station call 1-800-USA-RAIL. Bus transportation: 1-888-BUS2FOX. Free shuttle to Mashantucket Pequot Museum, largest Native American museum in USA. Blitz tournament Sunday night.

Prizes $80,000 based on 520 paid entries; else proportional, minimum $40,000 (50% of each prize) guaranteed. Seniors, re-entries, GMs, IMs, WGMs & foreign FIDE count as half entries). In 6 sections:

Open Section: $7000-4000-2000-1000-800-700-600-500-400-300, FIDE Under 2400/Unr $3000-1500. Clear or tiebreak winner gets free room at 2015 Foxwoods Open, if held (if not held, prize replaced by free room at Continental Class). ENTRY FEE FOR THIS SECTION IS $100 MORE FOR US PLAYERS IF NOT USCF OR FIDE RATED 2200 OR OVER.

Under 2200: $5000-2500-1300-1000-700-600-500-400-300-300.

Under 2000: $5000-2500-1300-1000-700-600-500-400-300-300.  Unrated limit $2000.

Under 1800: $5000-2500-1300-1000-700-600-500-400-300-300.  Unrated limit $1600.

Under 1600: $4000-2000-1200-800-600-500-400-300-300-300.  Unrated limit $1200.

Under 1400: $3000-1500-900-700-600-500-400-300-300-300, top Under 1200 (no unrated) $1000-500. Unrated limit $800. There is no separate Under 1200 Section; players under 1200 play for both U1400 and U1200 prizes; receive larger if winning both.

Prize limits: 1) Players with under 26 games played as of 1/14 official USCF list may not win over $1500 in U1400, $2500 in U1600 or U1800.  Games rated too late for 1/14 list not counted. 2) If any post-event rating posted 1/21/13-1/21/14 was more than 30 points over section maximum, prize limit $1500.  3) Balance of any limited prize goes to next player(s) in line.

Entry fee: $225 online at chessaction.com, $235 phoned by 1/20 (406-896-2038, entry only, no questions), 5-day (Open only) $235, 4-day $234, 3-day $233 if check mailed by 1/13, all $250 at site, or online at chessaction.com until 2 hours before round 1. CSCA members may deduct $4 from online entry fee after 10/22. No checks at site, credit cards OK.

GMs free in Open: $150 deducted from prize.
IMs & WGMs in Open:
$25 at chessaction.com 10/23-1/20, $50 at site or online by 5 pm 1/22;
$150 deducted from any prize. 
Foreign FIDE rated players in Open: $115 at chessaction.com 10/23-1/20, $140 at site or online by 5 pm 1/22; $100 deducted from prize.
All sections: entry fee $100 less to seniors 65/over.

Re-entry $100; no re-entry from Open Section to Open Section.

Special 1 year USCF dues with Chess Life if paid with entry- online at chessaction.com after 10/22, Adult $30, Young Adult $20, Scholastic $15.  Mailed, phoned or paid at site, Adult $40, Young Adult $30, Scholastic $20.  

Advance entry fee minus $15 service charge refunded for withdrawals who give notice at least 1 hour before rd 1 (no service charge if fee applied to future CCA tournaments).

5-day Open Section schedule: Reg. ends Wed 6:15 pm, rds. Wed. 7:15 pm, Thu 1 pm & 7:15 pm, Fri 12 noon & 6:15 pm, Sat 12 noon & 6:15 pm, Sun 10 am & 4 pm. 

4-day Lower Sections schedule: Reg. ends Thu 6:15 pm, rds. Thu 7:15 pm, Fri 12 noon & 6:15 pm, Sat 12 noon & 6:15 pm, Sun 10 am & 4 pm.

3-day Lower Sections schedule: Reg. ends Fri 7:30 pm, rds Fri 8:30 pm, Sat 10 am,12:45 pm, 3:30 pm & 6:15 pm, Sun 10 am & 4 pm. 


4-day and 3-day merge after rd 4 & compete for same prizes.

Half point byes OK all rounds; limit 4 (limit 2 in last 4 rounds), Open must commit before round 2, others before round 4.

Hotel rates: MGM Grand, Great Cedar Hotel or Two Trees Inn $129-129, no resort fee. A limited number of rooms will soon be available at the fabulous Grand Pequot Tower for a $159-159 rate. 1-800-FOXWOOD or www.foxwoods.com, must reserve by 1/8. The Grand Pequot Tower is the tournament site, while MGM Grand is about 5-7 minutes walk away and Great Cedar about 8-10 minutes walk away, both in connected buildings. Two Trees is further away in a separate building and has a free shuttle. 

Hotel rates: The Foxwoods Hotels are believed to be sold out on Saturday night. See hotels.com or expedia.com for nearby hotels. Rates of approximately $130/night are available about 3.5 miles from Foxwoods, about $60/night 6.5 miles from Foxwoods.

Car rental: Avis, 800-331-1600, use AWD #D657633, or reserve car online through chesstour.com.

Ratings:  January official USCF rating list used, except FIDE ratings used for Open Section.   
Unofficial uschess.org ratings based on 4 or more games are usually used if otherwise unrated.  Unofficial ratings are not used if you have an official rating.

Foreign player rating info.

Special rules: Players must submit to a search for electronic devices if requested by Director.  In round 4 or after, players with scores of over 80% and their opponents may not use unauthorized headphones, earphones or cellphones or go to a different floor of the building without Director permission. 

Bring sets, boards, clocks if possible- none supplied.

Entry: chessaction.com or Continental Chess, Box 249, Salisbury Mills NY 12577. Questions: 347-201-2269, www.chesstour. com. Invitation requests: GoAtChess.US(use @ symbol instead of "at").   Advance entries posted at chessaction.com (online entries posted instantly).

Foxwoods Open Blitz.
5SS, G/5, d0, double round, 10 games, Foxwoods Resort Casino (see Foxwoods Open). Prizes $1500 based on 48 entries, else in proportion: $300-200-100, U2200/Unr $180-90, U2000/Unr $160-80, U1800 $140-70, U1600 $120-60. EF: $40, at site only, no checks. Reg. ends 9 pm, rds. 9:15, 10, 10:40, 11:20, 12. Bye: 1. Blitz rated, but higher of regular or blitz used for pairings & prizes.


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