We recommend that all players enter online. Our online entry fees (on a secure server) are the lowest, you can click "entry list" and confirm that your entry was processed almost instantly, and mistakes sometimes caused by the processing of manual entries are avoided.

However, if you are not able to or do not wish to enter online, another option is phoned entries. These are no longer listed in most of our publicity for events after the 2017 World Open, but we still offer them, under the following conditions:

1) The phoned entry fee is $10 more than the online entry fee.

2) USCF dues paid by phone are the same price as at the door (still a discount from paying them directly to USCF, but not as low priced as those paid online).

3) The deadline for entering by phone is 4 days before the tournament starts. (For events beginning on a Friday, the deadline is the previous Monday.)

4) Phoned entries are sometimes not posted at for a week or more.

5) The phone number to call for phone entries is 406-896-2038.  They accept entry fees paid by credit card; they do not answer chess questions.


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