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 Using peak rating to "play up" in Continental Chess tournaments


Most of our tournaments have at least one section that requires a minimum rating to enter. "Major Sections" require 1800, "Premier Sections" at least 1900. "Class" tournaments allow some or all players to play one class above rating, but no more. We have some tournaments  coming which allow playing up only by 100 points.

We have been allowing the use of unofficial ratings, more current than the current official rating, to play up. Now we are adding another way that you may play up: by using the highest post-tournament USCF rating you achieved during the year prior to the tournament.

For example, the 2020 Mid-America Open, March 27-29, has a Major Section requiring an official March rating of at least 1800. If your March rating is under 1800, you can still qualify if you had a post-tournament rating of 1800 or over March 29, 2019 or later. If the shopping cart does not accept this, enter the second section and send us an email (Director @ asking us to switch you to the top section.

The 2020 Southern Class Championships, Mar 27-29, has 7 sections: Master, Expert, A, B, C, D, E. You can play up one class only, but if you wish to go higher, you can use your peak post-tournament rating from the past year. So a 1990 player with peak 2000 3/29/19 or after can enter Master, a 1590 player with peak 1600 3/29/19 or after can enter Class A, etc.

We also have major tournaments such as the World Open in which the top section is open to all, but the entry fee is $100 or $150 more if not rated 2200/over. Here too, you can use the one year peak to avoid the higher fee. The shopping cart cannot handle this, so pay the higher fee and email Director @ Chess.US to ask for a $100 or $150 refund.

By using peak rating, we hope to encourage activity, as players wishing to play up, once achieving a necessary rating, will have at least one year of eligibility. 

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