1. If my child won a trophy, but we won't be staying for the Awards Ceremonies, what should I do?
You can arrange for someone else to claim the trophy instead.  Otherwise, you can contact Larry Brown at Crown Trophy Company in Brooklyn at 718-769-4111 or 718-769-4112, and arrange to have a replacement trophy made (you can also request to have the winner's name engraved on the trophy as well).  Sometimes we can arrange for unclaimed trophies to be returned to Crown Trophy Company, and sometimes this does not happen.  This year, we did manage to bring back a number of unclaimed trophies from the New York State Scholastics in Saratoga Springs, which the players or their parents or coaches left behind. To receive your unclaimed trophy, you will need to provide Crown Trophy Company with a credit card to pay for the shipping, and if they don't have the unclaimed trophy, then you would need to pay for a replacement trophy as well.

2. Why do I pay for the replacement trophy?
The Awards Ceremonies were advertised on our website and other publicity to begin at 5:30 pm, to advise everyone ahead of time as to when they could expect to receive their trophies (we try to be punctual, and we apologize if it takes a while to award all the trophies, but we like to recognize each winner).  We prefer to have the players receive their trophies at the Awards Ceremonies, as a sign of respect for the players and a general acknowledgement to honor a job well done.  Obviously we can't require that everyone attend, but those who do not are responsible for arranging for their own replacement trophies.

3. Why do I pay for the shipping?  See # 2 above.

4. What if I didn't know before I left that my child would win a trophy?
That's something the players and their coaches are responsible for knowing.  If the trophy company does not have the trophy, the players, parents or coaches will have to pay for the replacement trophy, in addition to the shipping.

5. Why can't you just send me the trophy if I leave?
We take many trophies back from the hotel to Brooklyn, where they can be retrieved by the trophy company.  But there are often many unclaimed trophies, and we do not wish to assume the additional task of shipping out all the trophies, which may also become damaged in transit.  We prefer the trophy company assume that responsibility, and they are located in Brooklyn, not in Saratoga Springs.  They will offer a discounted price on any replacement trophies which were not reclaimed from the tournament, however.