March 6, 2018

Dear New York State Scholastic Championship Players, Parents, Coaches and Guests,

            Welcome to the 51st edition of the New York State Scholastic Championships  one of the USCF’s longest-running scholastic chess tournaments!

            We may very well end up with nearly 1,200 or more players, making this the largest USCF-rated chess tournament ever held in upstate New York!  To accommodate such a large number of players, the tournament is actually being run in two separate locations.

            The High School Championship, High School Intermediate and High School Reserve Sections will be played in the Excelsior Springs Ballroom, next to the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel.  The Courtyard and the Excelsior Springs Ballroom are about a ten minute walk north of the Hilton along Excelsior Avenue. The Courtyard by Marriott Hotel’s address is 11 Excelsior Avenue, and the address of the Excelsior Springs Ballroom, next to the hotel, is 47 Excelsior Avenue, in Saratoga Springs.  You should be able to walk to the end of the Hilton Hotel’s parking lot and then continue north on Excelsior Avenue, past the Olde Bryan Inn and onto the Courtyard Hotel and the Excelsior Ballroom on the left.

            The Excelsior Springs Ballroom has excellent lighting and playing conditions to accommodate the High School sections.  The Canfield and Carousel Rooms in the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel (next door to the Excelsior Springs Ballroom) are available for Skittles.  In the event we need additional space for the High School sections, the overflow boards will probably be in the Yaddo Room of the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel as well. The Courtyard will also offer some sandwiches and premade food items, along with their menu of hot and cold items at the Bistro. The Saratoga City Center will also operate a separate food concession geared to our group as well.

            We understand the inconvenience in having the High School sections separated from the rest of the sections in the Hilton Hotel by a 10-minute walk outdoors in the winter.  However, we are very fortunate to have such a first-rate tournament facility and hotel so close to the Hilton available and able to accommodate our large number of players, and we will try our best to give our High School participants an outstanding tournament experience.  We will try to text the pairings to the individual players or parents, and make them available on the tournament website as well.  If you registered online and provided your cell phone number with the texting pairings option, you should be all set.  If not, you can provide that information to the Tournament Staff for future texting of pairings.

            Seven sections of the tournament will be played in the Saratoga Springs City Center, adjacent to the Hilton Hotel via an indoor walkway. The Junior High Championship Section will be played in Room C on the first floor, and the Middle School Intermediate Section will probably be in this room also.  The Middle School Reserve, Elementary Championship, Elementary Intermediate, K-5 Intermediate and Elementary Reserve will all be playing in the Main Hall on the first floor of the Saratoga Springs City Center, known also as Hall D. 

            The Primary Championship, Primary Reserve, K-1 Championship and K-1 Reserve Sections will all be held in the Saratoga Ballroom of the Saratoga Hilton Hotel.

            The Skittles Room for the tournament will be in Room M1, on the first floor of the Saratoga Springs City Center..

            If you're interested in trying out some rated chess yourself while you're waiting, we have a special side tournament on Sunday morning: the Parents And Friends Tournament!  Registration is from 9:30 - 10:15 am at Chess Control in the Hilton Hotel, and the four USCF-rated games (30 minutes per game, plus 5-second delay per move, per player) are played in Room C of the Saratoga Springs City Center!

            At 9:30 am Sunday March 11th, we will also have a New York State Chess Association Open House and Tournament Feedback Forum.  Here you can learn about NYSCA, a 501 (c) (3) organization and America’s oldest state chess association, and its efforts to promote and support Chess in New York State.

           Finally, please note that Eastern Daylight Time begins at 2:00 am this Sunday, March 11th-- remember to set your clocks ahead one hour (but not your chess clocks)!


            Here are some links to other useful information.

            The Continental Chess website, which has much chess information and historical data.

            The New York State Scholastic Championships website, which has the results for this year and prior years.

            Some Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

            The Tournament Rules

            A Parents’ And Coaches’ Guide To Scholastic Chess


             Thank You Very Much for your participation and we truly appreciate your support as we strive to provide all of you with an excellent tournament!

             Thank you all again for coming and welcome to historic Saratoga Springs, New York!


                                                                                    Steve Immitt

                                                                                    Chief Tournament Director

                                                                                    New York State Scholastic Championships