How do I request a bye?

If you know in advance that you will not be able to play a round, you can usually request to receive a half-point bye for that round.  A half-point bye is an unrated draw, and is not the same thing as a full-point bye (an unrated win), which is assigned to a player who has been included in the pairings for a round if the tournament has an odd number of players when it's time to pair a particular section.  Receiving or requesting a bye is not grounds for receiving a refund.

When you register for a tournament, if you plan on starting the tournament after the first round, you may request a half-point bye when you register.  If you want a bye for a round which occurs after you arrive at the tournament, we prefer that you not make this request in advance, as these requests may change, sometimes more than once, and the changes may not all be recorded properly.  Instead, you should ask at the tournament for byes for rounds which begin after you arrive at the tournament. Be sure to do this before the deadline for requesting half-point byes.  Some tournaments allow only one requested bye, some allow more. Some tournaments limit the total number of byes you may take in the last few rounds. Keep in mind that because a bye is an unplayed game, you do not receive credit for rating or for norms.

You should check the details of each tournament to see how many half-point byes you are allowed and when the deadline is for requesting byes (in many tournaments, the Open Section deadline is earlier than other sections).

If you need to ask for byes after you register, or to make changes to advance bye requests, please email Continental Chess:

(use the @ instead of the word At when sending your email).  You can also call the hotel which is hosting the tournament and try to confirm this with the tournament director at site as well.