REFUND POLICY:  If you cannot attend one of our tournaments, send us an email at least 2 hours before the first round.  If this is not possible, call the tournament site and ask for the chess tournament.  You can apply the entire fee (no service charge) to future tournaments, or obtain a refund of the fee minus a $15 service charge.  To apply the fee, wait until you know which event(s) you wish to enter and then send a check for the balance, saying which tournament you have a credit from, or if your credit is sufficient by itself, enter by email (see addresses above) and any balance remaining is a further credit.  You can also pay the balance of an entry fee, using a credit from a previous event, at, making payment to ("@" instead of "At.")

You may also give notice of withdrawal by writing us at least 8 days before the first round.  NO REFUND, full or partial, is EVER given once you have started playing your game in the first round.

PLEASE ALLOW up to four weeks to receive your refund.  Especially during busy periods such as June-August or November-January, we tend to have a large backlog of work: entries, refunds, prizes, rating reports, memberships, invitations, questions, hotel contracts & setup, travel to tournaments, etc.  If four weeks elapses and your refund does not arrive, it has probably been overlooked- send us an e-mail pointing this out and we will give it priority.

PLEASE REFRAIN FROM REQUESTING UNNECESSARY REFUNDS.  Some players automatically ask for a refund whenever they withdraw, only to enter another CCA tournament shortly after.  This causes extra work for us and costs you a $15 service charge you can easily avoid.